5 Gifts From PothKade for All Ages

It’s that time of the year again- trees are going up, lights are being hung, lists are being written and, most importantly, unbought gifts are just waiting to be wrapped. Needless to say, with the hit our country has taken from the Covid-19 pandemic, Christmas is going to be a little bit different this year. We won’t be able to spend as much time with our families, there’ll be no Christmas markets, and going gift shipping means potentially risking your own safety as well as those around you.

As if gift shopping for your entire family isn’t already hard enough, social distancing measures make it almost impossible for you to go out and search for the right present for every person. Regardless, with this being the case, plenty of stores have turned to online platforms to give their customers a new e-commerce experience, and we’re here to tell you about one more of them.

We’d like to introduce you to PothKade, a well known bookshop you may already know from the streets of Pettah. Seeing the hassle that lockdown brought on, the store took its platform online, and now offers its large customer base a new e-commerce experience. By taking over 2500 of their products online, PothKade makes buying your Christmas as easy as downloading their app on your phone or visiting their website.

2500 is an overwhelming amount of items to browse through, so we’ve taken the honour of doing it for you, and creating our list of the top 5 items you could get your family members- from the youngest to the oldest.

  1. For The Toddlers

Although they are young and probably won’t remember much of this part of their lives, you will want to show the younglings in your family that you care about them. Be it your sister’s daughter or even your own son, finding the right gift can always be difficult.

For them, PothKade comes in with their Toddle Treats Hamper – which is a pre-packed set of goodies that are ideal for very young children. The package comes with an array of items, including a magic board, 3D shapes, a magnetic English alphabet set, magnetic numbers, a magnetic Sinhala alphabet set, a colouring book and a pack of 6 coloured pencils.

Not only are these stationery items quite fun to play with, but they are also great educational toys that may prove to stimulate their cognitive skills from an early age, and are a great activity to do with mum and dad.

This set can be bought for Rs 1,300.

2. For the Juniors

These kids are a little too old to get gifts for toddlers but also too young for preteens, they are none other than the juniors. For this age category, we’ve got PothKade’s Clay Comfort Hamper – another pre-packed box of goodies all related to the art of sculpting. Clay is the perfect gift for a young child, at least one that’s old enough to not try and eat it. It cultivates imagination, builds on creativity and gives one enough practice to maintain a steady hand. This pack comes with a colourful assortment of clay in a bucket, a board to work on and a waterproof apron to keep away the mess, some clay moulds, air clay and even some slime! With the air clay in hand, these kids will even have the option of creating little sculptures that will actually harden and last. Who knows, one of them could be the next Michael Angelo’s David.

This hamper can be purchased for just Rs 1,000.

3. For The Teens

As we get a little older, our interests tend to change. It’s always difficult to buy gifts for teens, especially since this is the age where they start to finally realize what kind of things they like. While this is great, it of course means that they could either love your gift or absolutely hate it. This being the case, it’s always best to go with something neutral and useful that they could actually use. PothKade comes in with their Teenage Trends Hamper – another pre-packed gift which is suitable for teens.

This box comes with an aluminium water bottle, a pencil pouch, a diamond accented pen and, to release the stresses of teenage anguish- a fun little popcorn squishy. We’d say that the squishy would be the item that wins them over- especially since everyone on the internet seems to have them, and for that we must commend PothKade, it is a Teen Trends Hamper after all.

This package can be bought for Rs 1,200.

4. For the Young Adults

Regardless of whether you’re out of school, in university or at work, you are bound to be using stationery at some point. As we get older, plenty of us have realized that the gifts we appreciate the most are the ones that we can actually use. Save the 20 year olds in your life the hassle of trying to figure out what to do with their gift by giving them PothKade’s brilliant Stationery Stash.

Everyone needs to restock their desk drawers every once in a while, so do them a favour by  ticking the task off for them. This package comes with a tape dispenser, a pencil pouch, gum, a pair of scissors, a sharpener, a staple remover, tippex, a permanent marker, a whiteboard marker, an eraser, pens, pencils, a highler, a ruler, small and large paper cutters, paper clips, office pins, thumb tacks, small and large punchers, tape, staple pins, a binder clip, post-its and a notebook. With such a long list, you’re going to need a box- and guess what? It comes with that too. Now you’ve given them everything they need and storage to keep it in- with a gift like that, you’ll be on the top of the list of great gift-givers. All these things can be bought for just Rs 1,999.

5. For the Adults

Everyone loves to get Christmas gifts, even the oldies, although they tend to be forgotten about. Christmas seems to become more about “giving” rather than “getting” as you age, and while that’s brilliant, it’s also a great idea to show them that you’re thinking about them, you appreciate them and that you care.

PothKade comes through with their Loaded Christmas Hamper, which is essentially packed with all sorts of Christmas goodies and other items that can be used by anyone in the house. In this particular package, one would find a wooden Jenga set, Monopoly Deal, the Uno card game, a 4 in 1 magnetic game set, 6 glitter baubles, 6 glitter stars and, appropriately, a Merry Christmas hat.

Regardless of how old they are, this gift gives them plenty plenty of fun things to do- be it organizing the next game night or decorating their house for Christmas, the adults in your life are surely going to appreciate this one.

This whole package can be bought for Rs 2,900.

With that, we’ve come to the end of our list. Overall, PothKade offers a great many things at brilliant wholesale prices, and sends them directly to your doorstep. If you see anything you like- head over to their site or download their app and place your order now. If you live within Colombo, you could even be applicable for delivery on the same day you order- you just need to make your purchase before 4 pm. Happy shopping, and merry Christmas!

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