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Everything may now be online, but some things haven’t changed- like the fact that your child’s school still sends you a long list of stationery that they’ll need for the coming year. Buying stationery for the new school term is already a hassle. Add covid-19 to the equation, and that’s enough to stress any parent out.

With 2021 being just around the corner, people all across the world are frantically trying to find new ways to acquire their children’s stationery while still being safe. Since physically going to bookshops is no longer an option due to social distancing measures, online shopping has taken over the game.

Stepping up to the plate is PothKade, a stationery store located in Dam Street, Pettah, that has now taken its products online. Having been created under the renowned Lanka Traders, PothKade is a trusted importer and wholesaler of stationery and other goods fit for office and school use- a task they have been carrying out for over 55 years.

Having launched in January of 2021, it seems that PothKade came just in time to meet our pandemic needs. With their online bookshop, they bring a whole new e-commerce experience to back-to-school shopping, and offer delivery directly to your doorstep- meaning you get to stay safe at home while they sort it out for you.

Their site is mobile friendly and incredibly easy to use. It allows you to browse through their collection of over 2500 items, add them to your cart, fill in your details, pay and then get goodies delivered islandwide. In fact, PothKade even offers same-day deliveries within Colombo and certain suburbs if their orders are placed before 4 pm.

To get a glimpse of what they have to offer, you could also find them on Instagram and Facebook, where they regularly post items they have in stock. If you think you’re going to be ordering from them frequently, you could even download the PothKade app- available on Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Their site and app offer a variety of payment methods including credit card payments, bank transfers, deposits and even cash on delivery- allowing users to pick whichever one works the best for them. When it’s this easy, shopping for stationery supplies becomes as easy as a few clicks on your phone- something you do everyday.

This way, you can browse through their items and find what you need from the comfort of your couch, and not set foot out of the house, risk your safety or even waste hours of your time on the road or travelling from bookshop to bookshop- everything you need is in your hands.

In addition to that, it is no secret that all these new supplies tend to rack up quite the bill- one that we let off the hook by saying “it’s only once a year”, even though we soon find ourselves restocking halfway through the second term. However, this shouldn’t be the case. If their delivery perks weren’t enough for you to get on board, PothKade also offers all of their stationery products at wholesale prices- meaning you don’t have to endure the chaos of Pettah to save a few rupees.

Booklists can come up to a few thousands of rupees, making them a difficult purchase for many people in the country, but they are essential to your child’s education and you cannot do without them. Thus, when there is a cheaper, more convenient option, there is no reason for you to not choose it. PothKade’s prices can cut down the amount you spend each year immensely, making all the money you’ve spent before seem like a waste. It offers the same products for the same quality at lower prices- making sure you get the best deals on their items. Shop with them, and you’ll notice that saving for that holiday you’ve been meaning to take becomes a lot easier.

To make it even easier for you, PothKade offers a pre-packed Junior Stationery Stash, which is a collection of everything your child could possibly need that comes in it’s own storage box- making cleaning up time just as easy. The box holds 8 coloured pens, a pencil, a changeable pen eraser, a table sharpener, a pack of 12 coloured pencils, 24 coloured crayons, a scissor, highlighter, glue stick, binder gum stick, watercolour set, notebook, transparent pouch, ruler, whiteboard marker and even blackboard chalk. You could get all of these items for just Rs 1,999!

If you want to spice things up a little bit, PothKade even offers themed packages, like thethat comes with a magnetic unicorn pencil box, 8 coloured pens, a rotating pen, a unicorn file, a unicorn sticker sheet and even a unicorn scented squishy! Fun stationery can certainly make learning at home a lot more interesting.

If that’s not your cup of tea, their platform also gives you the option of Creating your own hamper,  at a starting price of Rs 150- meaning you could customize it with all the things you think your child would want. With this concept, you could even present it to them as a new year’s gift and get them more excited to start the new term.

Needless to say, PothKade makes shopping for stationery and school supplies easier, and perhaps even more interesting. After all, who said it needed to be boring? A few new items can change your child’s entire mood about school, and we all get a little excited to break out a new pack of coloured highlighters.

Think about it- during times where everything is online and an app on our phone, what’s one more? You’ve got one for food, one for transport and maybe even one for clothes, so go ahead, make the coming year a little easier and download the PothKade app onto your phone, or even visit their website or social media pages to browse through what they have to offer. Most of all, stay safe and enjoy your new stock of stationery!

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