PothKade’s 5 Christmas Gift Hampers for Kids

With Christmas being just around the corner, there are plenty of us scrambling around still looking for the perfect gifts to get our loved ones- especially for the kids in your life who will definitely notice and repeatedly remind you that you have not gotten them a Christmas present. Kids are brutally honest and they’re not afraid to publicly call you out on your lack of Christmas shopping, so you might as well do yourself a favour and get them a gift.

Let’s be realistic, while your mind immediately jumps to getting them a cool pair of socks or that soft toy that’s being sold at half price, your gift may not actually be useful. Don’t worry, save yourself the thought. We’ve found a solution that makes buying useful gifts much easier.

Allow us to introduce you to PothKade, an online retail store that sells all kinds of stationery and other goodies that people would actually use. We’ve selected some of their packages that we think would be ideal gifts for young children. To make it even better, all their products are sold at wholesale prices! Meaning that you don’t have to break your wallet by overspending on Christmas gifts.

If that’s not enough for you, they also offer delivery islandwide. If you’re in Colombo and place your order before 4 pm, you could even get your package delivered to you within the same day. To our last minute shoppers- don’t worry, we’re not judging, it happens to the best of us, here’s your escape!

Without further ado, we present our top 5 picks from PothKade for children’s Christmas gifts!

  1. The Unicorn Magic Hamper

If recent trends and birthday parties have taught parents anything, it’s that little girls go absolutely crazy over anything that’s unicorn themed. That’s why we picked this particular package- it comes with a pack of 8 coloured pens, one multi coloured pen, a magnetic unicorn pencil box to put them in, a unicorn file and, for those who like to do a little decorating, a unicorn sticker sheet. As an added little treat to the stationery, the package also includes a scented Unicorn Squishy! If your kid keeps up with the playground trend, they are definitely bound to be obsessed with the squishy.

As for the price of this pre-packed hamper, all its goodies add up to just Rs 1,200!

2. The Mighty Mind Hamper

Know any kids who seem like potential candidates for child prodigies? Well, this is the one for them. This package is for the little brainiacs with curious minds who genuinely like learning about anything and everything. It could even prove to be a great gift for the kids who don’t like school. After all, a package full of little science and math goodies can make the dreadful subjects seem a lot more fun. For our mighty little minds, we’ve got a human body foam puzzle, an abacus, a rubik’s cube, a magnet exploring set, and an electronic circuit set. The highlight of this package would definitely be the circuit set- who knows, their parents might forever be indebted to you for inspiring their little engineer.

This package comes at the cool price of just Rs 1,200!

3. The Painting Prodigy Hamper

This one is for the kids who draw on every surface, be it the walls, the floors, important documents or, very rarely, actual paper. The painting prodigy hamper comes pre-packed with artistic goodies that will encourage those little hands to keep creating. Inside the package one would find a DIY mask painting kit, a palette of 18 watercolours, a pack of 12 paintbrushes and, to their parent’s relief, a drawing book to spare the walls and save that extra coat of paint. By equipping them with all these new supplies, you could surely say that you helped raise the next generation of Davinci’s and Angelo’s.

This hamper is priced at Rs 1,100.

4. The Avenger’s Aced Hamper

It is simply not possible to live through your life without knowing at least one child that is obsessed with The Avengers, and is sadly pining over Endgame. Sure, it’s been over a year, but Marvel’s still got a grip on their hearts. So for the hardcore Avenger lovers, this PothKade hamper offers an appropriately themed collection of a hardcover pencil box, a pack of 8 Spiderman themed coloured pens, a DIY Avengers mask painting kit, some shiny Avengers stickers and a Spiderman squishy- because at the end of the day, who doesn’t need a little extra Peter Parker in their lives? For us, the highlight of this package would definitely be the DIY face mask since it gives every child a chance to live out their fantasy of being one of the Avengers.

This package comes at the price of just Rs 1,100.

5. The Frozen Feels Hamper

Let’s be completely honest here, nothing has been the same since November of 2013- which was when Frozen came out. Since that fateful day, little girls all across the world have, at least once in their life, religiously belted out all the words to Let it Go, and no one can escape the repeated requests to build a snowman. PothKade slides in to save the day with this brilliant package that includes a magnetic Frozen pencil case, a sheet of stickers, 5 magnetic bookmarks, a password protected diary as well as a mirror lock and key diary. No doubt, our favourite part about this package is the fact that it includes two diaries, which seems like more than enough space for the laments of a 7 year old. Give them this hamper for Christmas, and they just might not be able to let it go.

This package too comes at the cool price of just Rs 1,100.

If you weren’t able to find a package that the child in your life might like, PothKade even gives you the option of making your own package at a starting price of Rs 150- meaning you can add however much of whatever it is that you wish. Want to make a Unicorn and Avengers fusion package? That’s possible too.

See anything you like on our list? Head over to PothKade website or download their app and do your Christmas shopping in just a few clicks!

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